How It Works

How Smart Staffing works for your business?

The Smart Staffing Process

Smart Staffing is an outsourcing model that allows companies to outsource staff. However, you - as the client - are still responsible for managing the outsourced team through a team leader, supervisor or manager.

  1. Request a consultation
    Contact Smart Staffing and identify your needs.
  2. Review the contract
    Smart Staffing will send you the contract to review.
  3. Sign the contract
    Once you made the decision, you can sign the contract.
  4. Recruit the employees
    Based on your needs, Smart Staffing will select the employees who fit your needs.
  5. Interview the candidates
    You can now meet the selected employees so as to give your final approval
  6. Start implementation
    Plan and implement their starting date, onboarding process, and training plan.
  7. Evaluation
    Evaluate the recruited employees. Smart Staffing will find you a replacement if necessary.
  8. Business Focus
    Now you can start focusing on running your business and we will take care of you HR-related tasks regarding your outsourced employees.
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